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The Project

CAPACITARTE is a training project for professionals in the artistic-pedagogical world that allows them to extend and develop their skills in non-formal methodologies active from art, creativity and culture. These professionals from the artistic-pedagogical world in non-formal methodologies through Art will reverse their learning in management teams, teachers and AMPAS of education centers located in priority attention areas.

The priorities will be; Extending and developing the competencies of educators., As well as detecting successful educational actions at European level in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion, and training you creates a practical methodology, based on successful actions, which will be effective for its subsequent application in teachers, management teams and AMPAS of schools with a growing complexity and diversity of their classrooms.

We will work with teachers and AMPAS in environments affected by spatial segregation in stigmatized neighborhoods, difficulty in accessing social protection systems, exclusion from the labor market, gender-based violence … that make training and training in innovative tools and methodologies necessary.

A participatory methodology will be implemented, from art, culture and creativity as the basis of training work, incorporating specific tools from the art world and non-formal education pedagogy, from a methodology that implies an integrated approach to gender and realization of laboratories and practical workshops.